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Is the Hold-O-Mat also suitable for Sous-vide cooking?

The Hold-O-Mat may be used for Sous-vide cooking. The main differs to the CSC Sous-vide bath is that the heat transfer is done via hot air. This makes it ideal to gently keeping food warm during the service and complements the CSC Sous-vide bath excellently. Air is actually a heat insulating medium and by no means optimal for heat transfer. The absolutely most efficient heat transfer takes place in water. Desired core temperatures are reached much faster in the water. Furthermore the water offers an optimum heat potential. Food can always be added or removed without decreasing heat. With warm air, the device hast to heat up again after each time the door is opened. Favorable for the CSC Sous-vide bath is also the low purchase price.

Why must food be cooled down quickly after thermalization to 2° C?

The rapid cooling prevents the proliferation of pathological bacteria and the formation of toxins by quickly passing through the hygienically dubious temperature range of 10°-40° C. By the rapid cooling we also obtained a longer shelf life. Alternatively the food can also, without cooling, immediately be processed and consumed after cooking.

How intense is the maintenance of a CSC Sous-vide bath?

The CSC Sous-vide bath is maintenance free. Since there are no heating elements in the bath and nothing gets burnt or caked, the cleaning costs are minimal. In general it is sufficient to rinse and dry completely.

Do energy costs not grow immeasurably if we thermalize many hours over night?

On the contrary, thermalization in the CSC Sous-vide bath is by far the most favorable. For example: the 9 liters CSC-Sous-vide bath has only an energy consumption of 3 Watts/h in the holding phase.

Does the CSC Sous-vide bath have a circular water pump to distribute the temperature?

Water circulation pumps need only devices, which operate on the basis of immersion heaters. These units have a 4-6 times higher energy consumption and heat the bath selectively in one place. A pump or a propeller then distributes the hot water. Once products placed in the bath block the circulation of the water we have in these baths temperature differences of several degrees Celsius. The CSC Sous-vide water baths have a convective circulation.The temperature during the holding phase is the same everywhere in the bath. Temperature accuracy is guaranteed even in a filled bath.

Are the CSC Sous-vide baths delivered abroad with a household electrical socket (plug), with which I can use it in my home kitchen?

All devices are delivered worldwide with the required domestic plug and voltage. The energy consumption is so low that the device can be used anywhere without problems.

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