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Test and Progress Report regarding the VAC- STAR Sous-vide baths CSC / CSC-CT

Fast easy use and super-fast application.

Heating Rate:

The heating rate for 9 litres of water at between 5 - 10°C to a water temperature of 60°C is approximately 30 minutes.
Here it is preferable if the operator fills the bath with equally tempered water from a boiler.

(Comment by VAC-STAR AG:
 The suggestion regarding a 20% more powerful heating element was implemented immediately.)

Practical Experience:

Water temperature 60°C, approx. 20 litres. I placed a vacuum-packed (2-4°C) 5.4 kg saddle of lamb with herbs in the CSC 1/1 GN in the bain-marie.
The water temperature fell to 42°C and it took approx. 25 mins. until it regained its original temperature of 60°C.
Roasting time loss cannot be calculated in practice.
A faster heating rate would be necessary here in order to facilitate a larger number of portions, or a longer roasting time.
Maintained temperature:
The device holds the set temperature very well, and really only has a minimal 0.2°C divergence.
I carried out a variety of temperature measurements using the EBRO digital measuring instrument in parallel.
Constant measurement at the base, in the middle, and on the surface, at a water temperature of 54°C.
It is really astonishing that in all 3 zones, the set temperature of 54°C held steady.
With this optimum temperature setting, a perfect final result is certain.
Even in the case of larger pieces of meat or fish, a very steady cooking is guaranteed.
In my opinion, the main difficulty is that of attempting to cook in a liquid medium.
However, on the one hand, there is very good heat transference, whilst on the other hand, there are always difficulties in getting the desired temperature evenly around the product. Uneven cooking and irregular cooking times are thereby pre-programmed.
With the VAC-star, the parameters of heat transference and time are really perfect!!

CSC-CT Model

In my opinion, the developments in the CT are excellent for practical use.
A perfect result is also guaranteed here due to the exact and safeguarded temperature supervision in the cooking process. Long-term cooking times are shortened as a result. I have not yet attempted to use the programme controls but I aim to do this soon.

Practical Experience

Dover Sole – Lobster roulade : 30g in weight, wrapped twice in 13 my clingfilm.
 Dover Sole, Zander stuffing with cubed lobster, 52°C water temperature 18 mins. Cooking time.
Veal sweetbread centres: 50g in weight, cooked veal sweetbreads, Stuffed chicken, wrapped twice in 13 my clingfilm. Water temperature 62°C, 35 mins.
 Saddle of Venison with chicken stuffing : 600g in weight, wrapped twice in clingfilm, four times in aluminium foil. Water temperature 53°C, 1 hour 30 mins. 
Saddle of lamb with herbs: In a vacuum bag, 4.5 Kg in weight, water temperature 60°C 1 hour 10 mins. 
Buttered fillet of Salmon: 50g sc in weight, vacuum-packed, water temperature 51.5°C, 21 mins.

Matthias Kleber

Head of the German Nation Cooking Team

We would like to thank Matthias Kleber for the Practical Experience report.

Practical Experience reports provide us with a valuable source of information which assist us in the development and perfection of our high-precision unit.