The multi-lingual Sous-vide app for working safely and simply with the Sous-vide Cooking Bath.

Important basic data under the heading "Information", together with a first-class contribution by Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Vilgis of the Max Planck Institute in Mainz, provide an impressive explanation of the principles behind sous-vide cooking.

Whether you are cooking meat, poultry fish or vegetables, a few clicks find you the required cooking temperature and time for almost every type of food.

The cooking temperatures and times have been calculated in countless trials by our top chefs and are constantly being further updated and expanded.

By selecting "Update", the user can bring the database up-to-date. New products, cooking times and cooking temperatures can be updated with one click.

This modern app can be transposed from °C to °F and the integrated tape measure for measuring the thickness of the item of food to be cooked can be changed from mm to inches.

-    Comprehensive information on sous-vide cooking

-    Temperatures and stages for cooking of beef, veal, pork, lamb, game, poultry, fish, ......shellfish & crustaceans, vegetables, fruit.

-    Multi-lingual: The app can be displayed at any time in GERMAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH or ......ITALIAN.

-    This pleasant app can be switched from °C to °F and "mm" and "inch".


This app is the indispensable aid for sous-vide cooking.