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CSC Sous Vide baths by Vac-Star are characterised by ultimate temperature constancy and simple operation.
The pump-less technology makes the appliances maintenance-free and saves energy.
In addition to sous vide low-temperature cooking, the appliances can also be used as a flan cooker, yoghurt maker or bain-marie.
The steamer insert instantly turns the appliance into a soft steam cooker.


Image: Vac-Star CSC Compact Sous Vide Water Bath 9 Litres


The pump-less concept

Sous Vide baths by Vac-Star use heat convection and the VAC-STAR pulsed system.
These two systems combined guarantee the temperature will always be the same everywhere, even with the bath filled.
This eliminates the recirculation pump used by other manufacturers, allowing for maintenance-free, wear-free operation and a long life.

Temperature consistency

The PID temperature control is regulated by high-precision microprocessors.
This allows variances in the water temperature to be minimised to ± 0.2°C.
A consistent temperature is key in sous vide cooking.
Even minimal variances can yield a noticeably different result.

Simple, intuitive operation

Operation is easy and clear. Temperature and timer are set with just a few direct entries.

Heavy heating elements

The built-in heavy duty heating elements allow for faster heating up.
Since the heating elements are mounted below, at the basin, the basin has no heating coils and is quick and easy to clean.


Stylish, high-quality housing made from rustproof stainless steel. Edge-free basin: Hygienic and easy to clean.

Energy efficiency

Maintaining the temperature only uses e.g. 30 Watts per hour for the 9 litre bath.

The sous vide baths are available in the following models and sizes:

CSC Compact CSC Pro CSC/2 Pro CSC CT CSC/2 CT
9 liters 9 liters 2 x 9 liters 9 Liter 2 x 9 liters
14 liters 20 liters 2 x 20 liters 20 liters 2 x 20 liters
43 liters 43 liters
58 liters 58 liters

CSC Compact: Standard version  
CSC Pro:         Same as CSC Compact but with water drain      
CSC/2 Pro:      Double basin with water drain
CSC CT:          With water drain, program control and core sensor
CSC/2 CT: ......Double basin with water drain, program control and core sensor

CSC models

- Large LED display is also easy to read from far away
- Handles on both sides
- Timer with audible and visual alarm
- Splash-proof membrane keypad and mains switch
- Drain valve for easy and convenient draining (CSC Pro and CSC-CT only)
- Overheat protection prevents faulty bath operation
- Display in Celsius / Fahrenheit

CSC-CT models

Same as CSC model, plus:
- Built-in core temperature measurement module and penetration probe
- Three-setting program control & memory
- Memory and timer
- Programmable start time
The high-tech appliance allows for control of complex temperature cycles and leaves nothing to be desired. Programmed production sequences ensure a consistent product quality.


Sous Vide appliances by Vac-Star are valued by top class chefs around the world.

Vac-Star is supplier of the German national team of chefs.

Read the experience report of team manager Matthias Kleber…>



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